140x32 dot matrix I2C VFD Module Evaluation Kit Sample

This promotion has ended but new evaluation kit sample will be available soon. Thank you for your continued interest in Noritake Co., Inc. and its full line of VFD modules and services.
Noritake Itron will be introducing full line up of VFD module with I2C communication and 20 pcs OUT OF STOCK of
SCK-7064B-140X32F-T01 are available for evaluation kit sample.
This sample is applicable for US and Canada customers only and while supplies last. If you reside outside of US and Canada and interested in VFD module sample, please fill out the form and fill in your specification in the comment box.
One piece per person.

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  • I2C VFD module evaluation sample kit
  • The SCK-7064B-140X32F-T01 is an I2C evaluation kit for the 140x32 dot matrix VFD module which is narrow and compact in size suitable for instrumentation, and process controls.

    Best readability display under following conditions:

    • Low ambient light condition
    • -40° C environment
    • Viewed from various angles and up close and from afar
    # of dots 140 x 32
    PCB size 120.0 x 40.0 mm
    Power supply 5V / 370 mA
    Interface I2C, UART or USART
    Request for a free sample
  • 140x32 dot matrix VFD Module with I2C
  • JST male 6 pin connector
  • Cable with mating JST 6 pin connector on each end
  • Color filter sample

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Supports up to 400 KHz.

Address selectable via jumper J0 and J1

GU140X32F-7064B I2C address jumper setting

  • 0x50
  • 0x51
  • 0x70
  • 0x71

I2C pin assignments

Pin Name Description Direction If unused...
1 VCC Power Input -
2 SDA Serial interface data Input / Output -
3 GND Ground Input -
4 SBUSY Display busy Output -
5 SCL Serial clock Input -
6 /RESET Active low reset Input Tie to VCC
7 NC No connection - -

Master-transmitter transmits to slave-receiver

  • S
  • /W
  • A
  • DATA
  • A
  • DATA
  • A (/A)
  • P
  • From master to slave
  • From slave to master

Master reads slave

GU140X32F-7064B is write only and will always return 0xFF when master reads from the device.

Level shifting

GU140X32F-7064B operates in 5V, when connecting to 3.3 V I2C bus use the following:

  • BSS138 with two (2) 10KΩ resistors. BSS138 is n-channel logic level enhancement mode field effect transistor.
  • PCA9517, Level translating I2C-bus repeater.

Font Table List

  • USA
  • European
  • Japanese, Katakana only
  • Multilingual, various fonts and symbols
  • Canadian and French
  • Nordic
  • WPC1252, european fonts and symbols
  • Cyrillic
  • Latin
  • Portuguese
  • PC858, european fonts and symbols

Real-time bit image display or dot unit real-time bit image display command

When using the command, break the data into multiple transmition to prevent one device from holding the I2C bus.

Following is the breakdown of number of bytes required to draw entire 140x32 VFD module.

  • 4 bytes for command
  • 5 bytes for parameters
  • 560 bytes for image data

Total of 569 bytes.

100 KHz, 10µS per clock cycle

  • 90 µS, 9 bits for address, write bit, and acknowledge bit.
  • 51,300 µS, 569 bytes for command, parameter, image data, and acknowledge bit.

Total time: 51.3 mS.

400 KHz, 2.5µS per clock cycle

  • 22.5 µS, 9 bits for address, write bit, and acknowledge bit.
  • 12,825 µS, 569 bytes for command, parameter, image data, and acknowledge bit.

Total time: 12.825 mS.

Scroll or wait command

When using scroll or wait command, please check the SBUSY signal before sending any data. SBUSY signal will be logic high (1) during busy state and logic low (0) during ready state.
Once the scroll or wait command has been executed the VFD module will become in busy state and return to ready state once the operation has completed.