Introduction to Noritake’s Products and Services
Electronics Division

Why Noritake?

Why Choose Noritake?

Noritake’s electronics division has been around since the creation of the Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD). We have grown to provide a wide array of products and services to ensure a smooth and efficient development cycle for your application. Our customer support staff will gladly provide you with technical support to assist with your needs.

We offer an expanding set of support tools for each of our product series, including code libraries and design programs. These tools work to accelerate the evaluation and integration procedures in order to have your prototype up and running as quickly as possible.

Noritake Services

Noritake Solutions


Problems in the Market

We have seen many problems and requests for systems in the market. Customers often need a product that can operate within a wide-temperature range, offers an industrially rugged interface, and withstands outside interferences, including liquids. Our products are the solution for these issues.

General issues:
Unable to handle temperature extremes
Intolerant to liquids: water/chemical solutions
Require long-life durability and reliability
Require long-term supply
Require industrial durabilty
Display issues:
Poor visibility
Complex interface and design
Slow refresh rate
Touch switch/interface issues:
Not operable using gloves
Not suitable for a sterile environment
Failure rate and deterioration over time
Multi-point and gesture inputs not viable
Capacitive sensing issues:
Not stable in wet environments
Not operable wearing gloves

How Noritake Can Help

Problem solving, integration and management is a breeze with our help. We can direct you to the display that meets your requirements, help you understand our product and provide a stable product supply.

TouchNoritake’s proprietary capacitive touch switch panels.
Noritake’s proprietary capacitive touch switch panels. Noritake’s proprietary capacitive touch switch panels.
Mutual capacitive type can be operated with gloves and water interference.
Customer support tools are available.
Customer support tools are available.
Evaluation software tools, code libraries, and application notes will help facilitate the customer’s devlelopment.
Line-upChoose from over 100 displays
Choose from over 100 displays
Choose from over 100 VFD modules to integrate into your system. Different products can be found based on size, function, interface, embedded font, etc.
Customized developlemt to meet your specific requirements.
Customized developlemt to meet your specific requirements.
We will provide a custom tailored solution for your needs with any of our products.
Add optional features.
Add optional features.
Value added services (filter, connector, cable, conformal coating…) will provide options for integration with your application and ultimately optimize your supply line.
Over 10 years of continuous supply. Manufactured at our roots in Japan.
Over 10 years of continuous supply. Manufactured at our roots in Japan.
Main product lines have a long-term supply history of over 10 years. For soon-to-be discontinued items, each customer is consulted with to ensure backwards compatibility with the updated model.
A high-resolution, self-emitting display gives outstanding visibility.
A high-resolution, self-emitting display gives outstanding visibility.
VFD does not pale or darken depending on the viewing angle due to its consistently bright self-illumination.
Reliable operation in any environment.
Reliable operation in any environment.
Usable outdoors or in dark corners. Even in ruthless -40℃ – 85℃ environments. Designed with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in mind.

Noritake Products

Vacuum Fluorescent Displays
Well renowned for our VFDs
Electronics Division

As the pioneer company for VFDs, we offer modules of the highest quality and durability compared to anything else out there. From character displays to graphic displays, we offer a wide variety of products to fit your project’s needs.

Vacuum Fluorescent Displays

LCD Touch Screen
Noritake’s Metallized
Projective Capacitive Touch

Discover a color display and practical touch capabilities with Noritake GU-TFT. Our GU-TFT modules eliminate water touch interference and still stay bright! Learn about our versatile, colorful, and easy-to-use GU-TFT touch display!

7” LCD Touch Screen

Touch Switch
Noritake’s Touch Switch Technology and Services
Electronics Division
Touch Switch

Our capacitive touch switch technology features fine photo-etched keys placed on transparent glass keypads. These keys can be customized for any application by securely collaborating with us and following our wiring guidelines. For a quick standard solution, we offer four different module types paired with three different switch configurations.

Available Module Types:
Touch switch with LED backlight and embedded module
Touch switch with embedded module without LED backlight
Module as a daughter board
Touch switch only
Touch Switch

EMI Shield Window
Noritake’s EMI Shielding Technology
Electronics Division
EMI Shield Window

Electromagnetic interference can vary based on the system that it is emitting from. The same thing is true for display systems. Our EMI shielding technology is fully customizable in terms of the window, pitch of the aluminum mesh, contrast ratios, designs within the mesh, etc.

Noritake’s mesh customization options:
Multiple mesh line width
Mesh patterns
Custom icon or embedded text photo-etching
Blackened aluminum micro-mesh
EMI Shield Window