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Value Added Services

Additional cables and/or connectors can be added to any standard product. We work with local subcontractors to significantly reduce lead-times compared to overseas manufacturing. Any order quantity is eligible for value added services.

High Sensitivity Touch Technology

The touch technology included on our TFT modules provide accurate operation in demanding environments. For example, touch works with gloves and (up to) a 5mm thick acrylic overlay with 0.5mm air-gap.

Long Term Support

Order Confidently. We strive to maintain strong supply chains with our products. If a product contains obsolete components, steps will be taken to support customers and minimize system changes.

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Noritake Webinar | How to Set-up GT-EP

Noritake Webinar | How to Set-up GT-EP

We are excited to invite to you a Noritake webinar! Register for our new webinar series to learn how to connect a GT-EP module to a PC. This webinar series is intended to walk you through the process of setting up a GT-EP module and creating a practical iDevTFT program. After this webinar is compl ...

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