VFD Display Module

Make your first impression brilliant.

Noritake’s VFDs use self-emitting display technology that provides a clear, distinct, and highly visible image.

  • Long Production

    Over 10 years of continuous supply.

  • Better Visibility

    A high-resolution, self-emitting display gives outstanding visibility.

  • Operating Temperature

    Reliable operation in any environment.

    Operating Temperature
  • Development Tools

    Customer support tools are available.

  • Line-up

    Choose from over 100 displays.

  • Value added Services

    Add optional features.

VFD Module Series Line-up

CU and GU Comparison

Display typeCharacter displayCharacter and Graphics
Series CU-Y, CU-U, CU-TE, CU-TW, BC-VFD GU-D, GU-3000, GU-7000, GU-800, GU-U100
Smooth scroll actionYes
Selectable font sizeCU-YYes
Display Asian charactersYes
Display monochromatic bitmap imageYes
Display large iconsYes
Simple animationYes
Brightness boostCU-Y
Display memory allocationCU-U only, Display and hidden areaDisplay and hidden area

Custom Design

  • Customized VFD development

  • Integration with host board

  • Adding LEDs or switches

  • Adding connectors

  • Adding cables

  • Protective coating application

  • Change or add fonts

  • Change or add images

  • Additional special commands

  • Other interface types

  • Mounting in product case

  • Develop application software

Product Support

  • No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

    We accept and ship orders with no MOQ. Our warehouse in Chicago can shop our products to customers in US/CANADA/MEXICO.

    No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Value Added Services

    Optimize your manufacturing process by letting us take care of your connector, cable, conformal coating, filter, and control board needs.

  • Buy a sample from Online Shop

    There’s no lead time. You can purchase a sample from our Online Shop.

  • Global Customer Support

    Our sales offices are located worldwide and are committed to directly providing guidance, tools, and technical resources.

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