Noritake Touch TFT Modules for Your Industrial Applications | Indastrial / Energy / Medical / Well-being / Food Noritake Touch TFT Modules for Your Industrial Applications | Indastrial / Energy / Medical / Well-being / Food

Why Noritake TFT Module?Features & Solution

Need high touch sensitivity

Stable Touch OperationSmooth operation with thick gloves or when wet

Equipped with FLETAS, a high-sensitivity capacitive touch panel

Equipped with FLETAS high-sensitivity touch panel that utilizes metal thin film technology developed in Noritake's VFD manufacturing. FLETAS delivers high sensitivity and noise immunity and achieves stable operation whether operated through thick glass, thick gloves, or when wet.

Adjustable touch sensitivity

Users can adjust the touch sensitivity according to the housing structure and environment. The high touch sensitivity enables touch operation even on a 15mm-thick cover glass. The touch panel can be operated even with thick gloves if the cover glass is thinner.

Adjustable touch sensitivity
Greater signal-to-noise ratio

Greater signal-to-noise ratio

Noritake’s FLETAS Touch Panel has a greater signal-to-noise ratio than that of ordinary touch panels. The touch signal does not get anywhere close to the surrounding noise on Noritake touch panels. Ordinary touch panels have a lower signal strength and surrounding noise sometimes comes very close to the same height as the touch signal. This can result in a false touch

Need high quality & reliability

High reliability suitable for industrial equipmentWell-established and reliable supply chain, continuous peace of mind

 A 55-year history - A record of supplying displays to over 7,000 companies

A 55-year history - A record of supplying displays to over 7,000 companies

Noritake developed the first vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD) in 1967. Today, Noritake's award-winning displays are used by customers worldwide, including more than 7,000 customers in North America alone. Over 55 years later, we continue to deliver highly reliable products created from technical experience and expertise in manufacturing and supplying displays to our customers.

We are committed to a reliable supply chain

A sustainable and reliable supply of parts is more important than price for long-life industrial equipment. If a component becomes unavailable, we will assess and develop compatible redesigns to continue providing equivalent products to our customers. Please refer to "GT Series Long Term Support Policy" for details.

We are committed to a reliable supply chain
Easy to read/use outdoors

Easy to read/use outdoors

Equipped with a TFT panel and 800 cd/㎡ LED backlight providing sufficient visibility even outdoors during the day. And we supply TFT touch panels that work in a wide temperature range.*

*Depends on models.

Need support for development

Reliable technical supportOur sales offices are located worldwide and are committed to directly supporting.

Noritake TFT module technical support

Noritake TFT module technical support

We provide numerous support documents on our technical support page to expedite development, such as online manuals and sample projects (now in the planning stage). Our engineers are always available to help with any inquiries if further support is needed.


“I am grateful to Noritake Technical Support for answering many, many emails with accurate information and great advice. I consider Noritake support to be the gold standard of the industry.”– Aubrey Kagan | Circuit Cellar Article: ‘Designing a Display System for Embedded Use’

Where Noritake TFT Module Used?Applications

  • Industrial


  • Energy

    Oil & Gas

  • Medical


  • Well-being


  • Food


Development flow

  • Examination

    • Inquiry
      Specification DL
  • Sample

  • Evaluation and development

    • ・UI screen development
      ・Host side programming
    • ・Housing design
      ・Touch sensitivity adjustment
  • Production

  • Mass production

    • UI data entry

Value Added ServicesAdd optional features to your displays

Optimize your manufacturing process by letting us take care of your connector, cable, and conformal coating needs. Feel free to ask us.

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