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Touch Works With Gloves, Thick Overlay and Air-Gap

LCD Touch Screen Modules


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Noritake offers a variety of TFT modules that can meet your application needs.

Command Controlled Type

GT-CP Series

Compared with existing ITO based touch panels, our touch technology achieves superior sensitivity.
This includes its ability to operate with a cover glass and gloves even water spillage conditions.
Wide Operating Temperature model available.

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HDMI & Touch via USB

GT-VP Series

SBC/PC ready. This is suitable as an embedded touch monitor for PCs or single board computers (SBC) that have digital video output (HDMI Type A connector). GT-VP supports EDID and touch via USB is HID compliant, so plug and play is possible.

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Wide Operating Temperature model available

TFTs and touch panels have an operating temperature range within which the device can continue to function properly. If the device is used outside the recommended temperature range, various problems may occur. For example, the LCD display speed may slow down, the screen may become dark, or the device may not respond to touch. We supply TFT touch panels that work in wide temperature range.

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How it’s Possible

Compared to existing ITO touch panels, Noritake FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch technology achieves superior sensitivity. This includes its ability to operate with thicker cover glass and gloves.
** ITO = Indium Tin Oxide

Dry Condition Comparison

Noritake’s FLETAS® Touch Panel has a greater signal to noise ratio than that of ordinary touch panels. As seen in the animation below, the touch signal does not get anywhere close to the surrounding noise on Noritake touch panels. Ordinary touch panels have a lower signal strength and surrounding noise sometimes comes very close to the same height as the touch signal. This can result in a false touch.

Wet Condition Comparison

Noritake’s FLETAS® Touch Panel has a greater signal to noise ratio than that of ordinary touch panels. As seen in the animation below, noise reduction also helps Noritake touch panels perform in a wet environment. Minimal noise promotes a very stable and easy to detect peak point.

GT Series Design Resources

The following links shows the chart of design resources which includes tutorial videos, development support tools(software), code libraries, and product quality spec. according to the GT series categories.

GT Series Troubleshooting

This guide shows solutions to frequently asked questions and common problems that users may encounter while using Noritake GT series modules.

Cover Glass

The touch panel on the front of this product uses an ultra-thin glass sheet. Do not apply excessive force to the touch panel directly. It is designed to be used behind a protective and transparent front panel or cover glass.
Additionally, an air gap between the touch and front panels should be designed in to allow for deflection.

Custom-made Simple Style Cover Glass

Custom-made Decorative Cover Glass

GT Series Long Term Support

We are very aware of how important long-term support is for our customers and continue to strive to maintain a strong supply chain. Please see our GT Series Long Term Supply Policy.

Replacement Product List

As mentioned in the GT Series Long Term Supply Policy statement, we offer the following backwards-compatible replacement products.

Screen Size & Product Type EOL Product Number Replacement Product Number Note
4.3” GT-CP GT480X272A-C903PA GTWV043C3A00PA
7” GT-CP GT800X480A-C903PA GTWV070C3A00PA Hardware Difference
7” GT-VP(1P) GT800X480A-1303P GTWV070VHA00P Hardware Difference
10.1” GT-VP(1P) GT1280X800A-1303P GTWX101VHA00P

Noritake 7 inch TFT: Summary of Spec. Comparison

GT-VP (7 inch) GT-CP (7 inch)
Part Number GTWV070VHA00P
Selling Points Digital Video Interface Embedded Monitor.
GT-VP is suitable as an embedded monitor for PC or Single Board Computer (SBC) that has digital video output (HDMI).
Command Controlled Display Module
GT-CP offers intelligent command operation that works with high or low-end micro-controllers and can easily be used in an HID application.
Viewable Area Size 154.08 x 85.92 mm 154.08 x 85.92 mm
PCB Size (W x H) 165.0 x 118.5 mm 165.0 x 118.5 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.19 x 0.18 mm 0.19 x 0.18 mm
Display Resolution 800 x 480 800 x 480
Number of Colors 16.7M 65K
Contrast Ratio
Operating Temperature -20 to +70°C -20 to +70°C
Brightness 850 cd/m2 (nit) 850 cd/m2 (nit)
Operating Power 5V 640mA Typ. 5V 720mA Typ.
Multiple Touch 10-point touch max. 10-point touch max.
Weight Approx. 255g Approx. 267g
Memory TBD TBD
Host Required. DVI(HDMI) interface. Required. Works with most microcontrollers.
Application Program Works as a DVI monitor so all depends on the host Works with commands so all depends on the host
USB Yes (Touch and sensitivity adjustment) Yes (PC Communication)
I2C Yes (Touch and sensitivity adjustment) Yes
SPI No Yes
UART Yes (Touch and sensitivity adjustment) Yes

What are the different types of touchscreens and how are they used?

Touchscreens are input devices such as touchpads positioned over the TFT panels that allow user input and function display. There are various types of touchscreen technology available nowadays, and we described what are the differences and how they used, in the web article. Please click hereto see the web article.

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