Core Technology Collaboration Service

Thin Film Technology

Enables high resolution pattern formation on glass substrate by aluminum thin-film

From small lot to high volume production by Noritake automated system and Quality control

Noritake performs fine pattern forming by utilizing aluminum spattering and photo process.
The patterns can be formed on glass substrate with high resolution.
Also available with Black layer pattern (Noritake original) to prevent reflection,Transparent Conductive Polymer (ITO polymer) formation as well.
Combination of thin and thick film patters brings new possibility to your products.
Noritake also specializes in high precision formation on large glass circuit board (maximum size: 500mm).

Thin Film Technology

Sample pattern of Noritake EMI Shield window
Sample pattern of Noritake EMI Shield window

Example: Production specs at VFD manufacturing
Line Pitch40 μm min
Line Width15μm min
Line ColorAl Silver (Mirror), Black
MaterialsAluminum, ITO(Indium Tin Oxide), SiO2, etc.
Substrate MaterialGlass, 0.7 to 5mm thickness
Application in VFDGlass substrate circuit formation with combination of thick film multi-layer

* Please inquire if you have higher requirements