EMI Shield Window


Noritake’s EMI Shield Window

  • EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) filtering 45dB at 1M – 1000MHz
  • Optical Transmittance: 85%
  • Customizable blackened mesh design by CAD
  • Aluminum micro-mesh for EMI filtering
  • Blackened mesh for enhanced contrast
  • Material: Aluminum on Soda Lime Glass
  • Created by accurate photo-etching
  • Withstands the most demanding environments
  • Low resistance: 2 – 3 ohms

Customization available

Noritake’s EMI Shield Window

Traditional woven meshes are limited to straight lines with the same thickness and are prone to wire spacing inconsistencies. The Noritake’s photo-etched meshes can be customized to have:

  • Multiple mesh line width
  • Mesh patterns
  • Photo-etching icon or text with the mesh
  • Blackened aluminum micro-mesh

The optimized mesh design will allow more light to be transmitted and consistent replication from window to window.

Evaluation units

If you need an evaluation sample or in other sizes, contact us with your requirements.

Display size
Part number Transmittance
(incl glass)
Shield effectiveness 1-1000MHz
Glass size
Filtering area
Line width
NOTE: Resistance is measured from center of the filter to the side frame
The glass substrate has transmittance of 91.5%.
Panel size can be customized up to 15″.
Thickness of conductive border is also customizable.
4.3 EFP105X067B07A 85% 45 105 x 67 x 0.7 101x 59 1 Ω 10 μm
5.7 EFP127X098B07A 85% 45 127 x 98 x 0.7 123 x 90 2 Ω 10 μm
7.0 EFP164X104B07A 85% 45 164 x 104 x 0.7 160 x 96 2 Ω 10 μm


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