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    Digital Video Monitor GT-VP Series

    GT-VP series is an embedded touch monitor designed to smoothly integrate into any project. The mounted FLETAS® touch panel gives the GT-VP series high touch sensitivity to operate accurately in demanding environments.


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DVI & Touch Via USB. 5 Touch TFT Module for embedded monitor applications.



DVI & Touch Via USB. 7 (1024x600) Touch TFT Module for embedded monitor applications. 



DVI & Touch Via USB. 7 Touch TFT Module for embedded monitor applications. 



DVI & Touch Via USB. 10.1 (1280 x 800) Touch TFT Module for embedded monitor applications. The Touch Setting Package can be applied to improve the touch sensitivity in challenging conditions.


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Block Diagram

NOTE: The USB and HDMI connectors do NOT supply power to the display. Please apply 5V of constant power through the on-board power connector.

  • GTWV050VHB00P’s power connector is a JST SM05B-GHS-TB (CN5).
  • GT800X480A-1303P, GTWS070VHA00P and GTWV070VHA00P’s power connector is a JST SM05B-GHS-TB (CN7).
  • GTWX101VHA00P and GT1280X800A-1303P’s power connector are a JST S5B-XH-A (CN2).


More videos available at our video showcase.

PC / SBC Ready

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is transmitted to the GT-VP through an HDMI type-A connector. This connector accepts unencrypted digital video signal and outputs raw 24-bit pixel data to the display (HDCP not supported).

Touch is sent through HID compliant USB and I2C interfaces. No drivers necessary.

PC / SBC Ready

Useful Functions

Simple Commands

Touch Sensitivity and display brightness can be controlled by simple commands.

Command Hex Code
Single/Multi Touch Mode 0x1F, 0x50, 0x01, [Mode]
Touch Panel Data Transmit 0x1F, 0x50, 0x20, [ON/OFF]
Touch Parameter Setting 0x1F, 0x4B, 0x70, [Op.],[Parameter]
Back-light Brightness 0x1F, 0x58, [Level]
Initialization 0x1B, 0x40
Memory Switch Setting 0x1F, 0x28, 0x65, 0x03, [SW.],[Data]
Memory Switch Data Send 0x1F, 0x28, 0x65, 0x04, [SW.]
Prodcut Status Send 0x1F, 0x28, 0x65, 0x40, [Op.], [Parameter]

For the details, please refer to the module’s respective specification.

Supports EDID

Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) is supported to make Plug & Play (auto display settings) with the EDID supported device.


Touch via Serial Communication

Touch data can also be obtained through I2C and UART using the simple commands seen on the left. So, if USB communication cannot be achieved, any micro-controller with UART or I2C can read touch data and change the module’s settings. For more information, check the module’s respective full specification.

Product Support

Long Term Support Policy

We are very aware of how important long-term support is for our customers and continue to strive to maintain strong supply chains with our GT products. Please refer to the Long Term Support Policy for more information.

Global Customer Support

Your needs are locally supported. Our sales offices are located worldwide and committed to providing the guidance, tools and technical resources directly.

Global Customer Support

No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

We accept and ship orders from 1 pc. Our warehouse in Chicago can ship our products to customer in US/CANADA/MEXICO.

No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Value Added Services

Optimize your manufacturing process by letting us take care of your connector, cable, conformal coating, filter, and control board needs.

Value Added Services

Development Support

Download Specification

Check out the display commands and electrical requirements from the full specifications below.

Application Note

This application note describes GT-VP module’s touch panel features, USB communication setting up guide, touch sensitivity reference, and more useful information. To install the GT-VP module into your application smoothly, please refer this document first.

GT-VP Communication on Linux

For USB communication, we have used libusb.h (an open source library) and a generic USB driver. This web-page describes these methods in detail and provides example code to get you started.

Software Development Support Tool

GT-1 Pass: Touch Sensitivity and Backlight Brightness Adjustment Tool

GT-1 Pass Wire-connection Image

GT-VP Control Center: Touch Sensitivity and Backlight Brightness Adjustment Tool for Linux

GT-VP Control Center Connection Diagram

Troubleshooting Guide

This guide shows solutions to frequently asked questions and common problems that users may encounter while using Noritake GT series modules.

GT-VP Compatibility

GT800X480A-1303P Compatibility

The following contains our test results while testing the GT800X480A-1303P module. Actual results may vary with specific PC environments.

Platform Digital Video
(HDMI Type A connector)
Touch via USB Command Execution via USB
Windows 7 The display works as a generic monitor. No driver required. Touch works as a Human Interface Device (HID) compatible device and is recognized as a Digitizer or Mouse. The latest WinUSB driver may be required.
Windows 8.1 and 10 The display works as a generic monitor. No driver required. Touch works as a Human Interface Device (HID) compatible device and is recognized as a Digitizer or Mouse. The module works with the generic WinUSB driver. No additional drivers required.
Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian, Ubuntu MATE EDID is not supported. “hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0” needs to be added to “/boot/config.txt” for pixel perfect display. Touch works as a Human Interface Device (HID) compatible device and is recognized as a Digitizer or Mouse. Need a USB communication library. Only libusb.h has been confirmed so far.

If the screen is not displayed correctly, please try this configuration line in the Raspberry Pi’s config.txt file.
hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0
Upon reboot, the video signal will have changed to fit the display’s resolution.
No additional video signal configuration lines are needed to create a pixel perfect image.

GT Product Features

FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch

Two metallized layers(x-y) are overlaid onto an LCD screen. These thin-film metallic panels have a lower impedance than typical ITO** touch panels. This allows for a higher S/N ratio, wider touch sense margin, and better overall sensitivity.
Learn more ►

** ITO = Indium Tin Oxide

FLETAS<sup>®</sup> Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch

High Brightness

Each module has a high brightness TFT ranging from 950-1000cd/m2*.

* Actual brightness range: 810-850cd/m2.

Stable Operation

Variable projection radius. Tested up to 5mm acrylic and *15mm glass overlay without affecting touch response under factory conditions.

Stable Operation

Adaptive Sensitivity

Configure touch sensitivity by simple commands for your build with tolerance for gloved users and water interface.

Adaptive Sensitivity


Allow for gesture control and handles up to 10 concurrent touches at a time.


Easily Cleaned

Glass surface is damage-resistant and tolerant to chemical cleaning solutions.

Easily Cleaned