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Thick Film Technology

Thick-film high precision pattern formation to align with Thin-film patterns

Noritake Thick-film Technology has been used in the VFD production process for a long time and enables high precision pattern formation aligned with Thin-film patterns.
We can also apply Photo-lithography technology to make even better accuracy patterning to the phosphors, insulators, etc.

We can supply high-quality Thick-film forming in the work area up to 500 x 350mm.

Please consult us with higher requirements.

Thick Film Technology
Example of Noritake Thick-film technology on the VFD glass substrate

Production specs at VFD manufacturing
Photo-lithography Dot Pitch 325μm min.
Dot Size ◻200μm min.*
Tick Film Printing Line Pitch 500μm min.
Line Width 200μm min.
VIA hole 60×150μm min(Hex shape)
Printing Material Conductive materials – Silver.etc
Black insulator, Transparent insulator
Glass paste, etc.
Substrate Material Glass, Ceramics, etc.
Applicable Work Size (area) 500 x 350mm (Max.)
Application in VFD Display pattern, Insulation layer formation, etc.

*the square symbol means both side members are the same length