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Brave the Harsh Environments with Noritake’s VFD & TFT Displays

Brave the Harsh Environments with Noritake’s VFD & TFT Displays

For equipment used in hot and cold regions, it is necessary to select materials that can withstand severe operating temperature conditions.
Noritake offers wide operating temperature displays that deliver outstanding performance even in such difficult environments.
VFDs have excellent hot/cold resistance and maintain high visibility even in extremely hot/cold environments.
It has a technically mature and robust structure compared to other devices and has high reliability and durability in cold regions.
It is used in many devices used outdoors, such as EV chargers. We also have a lineup of TFT models that support wide temperature operation.
Equipped with a touch panel that allows high-sensitivity adjustment, it can also be operated while wearing gloves.
You can communicate your content attractively and effectively even under hot/cold temperatures.
Give your business a competitive edge in harsh hot and cold climates with Noritake’s displays that are reliable, durable, and highly visible.