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Welcome to the Noritake webinar archive. All past webinar presentations are stored in a replay format or available via YouTube and can be accessed from this page. To view a replay, you must register with your name and email. All replays include the live session’s chat and question log. The YouTube videos do not require any prior registration.

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  • How to Set-up GT-CP

    This webinar will show you how to connect a GT-CP module to a host PC and save/recall and image with GTOP.

    How to Set-up GT-CP | Webinar Video

  • How to Set-up GT-1P

    This webinar demonstrates how to connect a GT-1P module to a host PC and adjust the module’s brightness with GT-1Pass.

    How to Set-up GT-1P | Webinar Video

  • GT Series Fundamentals

    This webinar explains the premise of the GT series module and similarities/differences between each module sub-series. (GT-CP, GT-1P, and GT-EP)

    GT Series Fundamentals | Webinar Video

  • Competitive Advantage

    This webinar will demonstrate and explain GT series advantages including touch sensitivity adjustment and the ability to operate in demanding environments.

    Competitive Advantage | Webinar Video


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