International Fonts

Each country has a different local standard to display certain characters like a currency sign or to match their standard keyboard.
For example, \ (backslash) is displayed as ¥ yen sign in Japan.

Selectable Font Table configuration and its benefit

The display module’s font table has 2 parts, the first part covers the character code 20h-7Fh, and the second part covers the character code 80h-FFh.
Each part can be changed to the different configurations by selected command parameters below.
Combining international font table commands and character table type commands creates more than 100 font tables.

Simulate the combination of Font Table configurations by clicking the command parameters

Command Name: International Font Table
Changes: Code Area 20h – 7Fh
Command parameter names
Command Name: Character Table Type
Changes: Code Area 80h – FFh
Command parameter names
International Font Tables, also known as National ASCII variants, change the appearance of certain characters to match the standard keyboard from that country. For example, “\” (backslash) is displayed as “¥” yen sign in the Japan’s table. Character Table types, also known as Extended ACSII, changes characters 80h – FFh to match an 8 bit encoding for that country or language.


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