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TFT Display in Cold Weather | Noritake LCD TFT

Last update: September 7, 2021

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We tested Noritake touch technology on a 7-inch GT-CP display in cold Chicago weather. (-7.7° C, 18° F) In this test, we wore typical winter gloves to operate a 7-inch GT-CP display module in a 2mm thick plastic container.

Noritake TFT Display in Cold Weather

Winter is very cold in Chicago. The temperature can get as low as -7.7 ° C (18 ° F). Will Noritake’s display work in such a cold environment after sitting for 20 minutes?

Yes! Multiple touch gestures work without any problem, even when touching small areas of the display.


This article is for Noritake Touch Technology demonstration purposes only. It does not guarantee the same performance for all applications. Do not attempt to use the display products in conditions that exceed product specifications.


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