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Get Started with GT-SP TFT LCD Touch Screen Evaluation Kit

Get Started with GT-SP TFT LCD Touch Screen Evaluation Kit

We can lend you a free sample to get started on your evaluation now

You can evaluate the GT-SP 7″ TFT module with Arduino as soon as free.
Please write the message “Borrow GT-SP” in our web contact form.
This campaign is available for a limited time and quantity only, so don’t miss out!

[Package Content]

– GT-SP 7″ Touch TFT Module (GTWV070S3A00P): 1 pc
– Arduino Nano Every: 1 pc
– Breadboard (400 tie-point): 1 pc
– Resistor (4.7k ohm): 2 pcs.
– Resistor (2.7k ohm): 2 pcs.

[Connecting to a Host Controller (Arduino Nano Every)]

When connecting with a 5V operating microcontroller, the signal level must be changed to 3.3V for the display module.
The above example shows how the signal level is changed by using a voltage divider with a resistor.

[Support Guide]

GT-SP user guide 1(Introduction)
GT-SP user guide 2(How to use design tools)
GT-SP user guide 3(Host control section)

You can download design tools and sample projects/programs from the Technical Support Page.

▶ Go to the GT-SP Technical Support Page


– This campaign is for Corporate Customers Only.
– A limit of one per customer (corporate).
– Let us know your project details when request us.
– Free samples are limited numbers (20 pcs). If many customers request the offer, we may offer you another offer.

– The lending period is two months.
– Please return the sample to the below address after your evaluation.
Noritake Co., Inc.
ATTN: Return GT-SP Sample
2635 Clearbrook Dr, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone: (847) 439 – 9020

– Solder on the samples is acceptable.
– You do not have to pay damages even if the sample is broken.
– We shall not be liable to compensate you for the damages by your evaluation.