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Touch Adjustment Information

  • Touch Setting Package Data Download

    A touch setting package (TSP) data file contains custom touch sensitivity values to improve GT-CP and GT-VP module touch performance in specific environmental conditions.
    [Application note | Touch Screen Sensitivity Adjustment Guide] will walk you through the steps to select, and test a touch setting package file and threshold value on a display module.

  • Refer to this quick touch setting guide first

    Through reading this quick guide, (you can) get a brief understanding of the Touch Sensitivity Adjustment, its process, and its assumed installation condition. These are essentials to use the following documents and tools.

  • Touch Screen Sensitivity Adjustment Guide

    This guidance document is intended to help users adjust GT touch screen sensitivity parameters via Touch Setting Package Data and reach proper operation within their environment/enclosure.



  • GT Design Studio

    GT Design Stuido is a convenient and intuitive screen development design tool using simple drag-and-drop commands for GT-SP series. Equipped with objects such as buttons, text, images, and menus. No programming is required. Easily arrange an operation screen using GT Design Studio.


  • GT-SP Series Firmware

    The latest firmware for your GT-SP touch TFT module. Along with software updates of GT Design Studio, it is important to update the firmware of your GT-SP TFT module to fix device issues and to take advantage of enhancements that are not available in previous versions.

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Tried Using Touch Panel TFT Display GT-SP with Arduino

Sample Projects / Programs


  • Sample for User Guide Part 3

    This is the sample and Arduino program used in User Guide Part 3. The host receives signals from GT-SP and sends a "property change command" to change the object's text.

  • Objects Sample

    This sample shows all objects of GT Design Studio. GT-SP outputs serial signals when touching the "Submit" buttons.

  • Toggle Switch

    This sample detects a toggle switch by check box or button using event.

  • Line (Tentative)

    This sample shows how to draw lines using image objects. (We are considering adding a line object function)

  • Tab Link

    This sample realizes moving pages like tab buttons. The same button objects are used on all pages to save a limited number of objects.

  • Drop-down List Link

    This sample shows how to move to the selected page by a drop-down list.


  • Increment

    This sample increases/decreases the value using the "Value property" of an object without host control.
    GT-SP outputs value or ASCII code when touching the "Submit" buttons.

  • Bar Graph

    This sample project and Arduino program realize moving bar graphs as time proceeds. A host keeps sending values to all bar graphs.

  • Animation

    This sample project and Arduino program show how to realize animation. A host keeps sending image reference addresses to image objects frequently to change the animation frame.
    We do not recommend showing animation at any time because the screen refresh is stopped during processing GT-SP event actions.


  • Standard Demonstration

    This is a standard demonstration sample.

  • EV Charging Station

    This sample is a demonstration of an EV Charging Station. For demonstration, the values are updated by events of GT-SP. Normally, the values should be updated from the host.