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4×4 Keypad Semi-Custom Design Guide


We only display this web page to show one of the application case studies of our Core Technology.
Please note we are currently suspended from receiving the prototype production for the products that utilize the Noritake Touch Switch technology.
If you are interested in the Noritake Touch Switch technology, please consult your nearest Noritake sales representative.

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Create your own 4×4 keypad semi-custom design and get a free quote from your nearest Noritake sales representative.

A semi-custom design allows for the keys of the 4×4 keypad module (TKU016CT-A100) to be changed to fit the needs of your application. Our keypad designer allows you to choose from a plethora of different key patterns to lay out on a 4×4 keypad module.

Noritake accepts semi-custom designs for the 4×4 keypad module with a minimum order quantity of 500 pcs.

4×4 Design Examples:

4x4 Design Sample 001

4x4 Design Sample 002

4x4 Design Sample 003

4x4 Design Sample 004

The key patterns are not printed with ink or color films. All white and black key patterns are created by a photo etching process and metallized on the back of the glass substrate. So the patterns will maintain a luxurious and sharp look without degrading over time.

Design Instructions

Here is a step by step instruction to submit a quotation request for your semi-custom design.

  1. Click Touch Design to open the semi-custom design website.
    • Note 1: The semi-custom design web page is hosted by our factory’s website so the page will open in a new window.
    • Note 2: The semi-custom design page and its program have only been tested on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. It is not guaranteed to work on other combinations of operating systems and internet browsers.
  2. The webpage may take a while to load.


  3. Select a design template and the key pattern’s background color (white or black). Your design can be a mixture of black and white keys if you so desire.


  4. Drag and drop key patterns from the pallet to the 4×4 kaypad template. Create a design that fits your project.
  5. Click “Request a Quote” button.
  6. Fill out the contact form as accurately as possible.
  7. Click the “Send This Quotation Request” button.
    After all necessary processes are successfully completed, the confirmation dialog would appear.
  8. Close the browser/window to protect your privacy information.
  9. We will contact to you with our price quotation shortly.

Get started on your semi-custom design here!

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Full-Custom Touch Solution

We also offer a fully-customized touch solution service that enables you to work with one of our sales engineers to build the perfect touch solution for your project. Please fill out a contact form so you can quickly get in touch with a sales engineer.

touch switch full custom design examples

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