CU-TE Series

Noritake Legible Character VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) Modules


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20 x 2 character display.
Fine dot pitch, 15×16 dots per character.
Display Asian font table: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.



  • Part NumberCharacter NumberCharacter Size (mm)PCB Size (mm)Operating TempWeight (g)PowerInterfaceFont TableAsian Font TableSpecification
    CU20029-TE200KCU20029-TE200K20 x 26.60 x 10.57190.00 x 55.00 -40°C to +85°C1185V / 625 mARS232 asynchronous serialASCII,Extended ASCII,InternationalChinese,Japanese,KoreanN/APDF file Download


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More videos available at our video showcase.

CU-TE Highlights

  • Readability from greater distance
  • Better readability at higher ambient light environment
  • Connectivity with RS232 interface
  • Built-in commonly used symbols and international font tables


  • Drive thru Information
  • Ticket vending machine
  • POS terminal
  • Scale
  • and more

Connectivity with RS232 interface

RS232 interface has flexible and can be communicated long range. As one of the common interface, RS232 can communicate to most applications.

RS232 to other serial interface

Selectable signal characteristics

  • Supports bi-directional communication
  • Flow control with DTR/DSR
  • Baud rates can be changed by jumper settings

RS232 to other serial interfaces

The RS232 can be converted into other communication method like a USB, RS422 and Ethernet by using a converter device which is available in the market.

RS232 with Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) module

Longer range communication

The standard communication distance is 10 feet (approx. 3 meters)

Value Added Services

More videos available at our video showcase.

Do you need connectors, cables, and/or color filters?

Let us pre-assemble and inspect the quality for you. We follow the IPC standards and nothing leaves the door unless the quality meets Class 2 or higher. Not only can you cut down on the extra cost associated with subcontracting the secondary operation, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

≫ Value Added Services

Color Filters

Noritake Itron offers 5 colors (gray, blue, green, aqua and rose) in 11 popular VFD module display sizes. Additional colors and sizes are available upon request

≫ Color Filters

Color Filters

Jumper Settings

Upon request, CU200211-TE200A & CU20029-TE200K can be shipped with the following settings.

Baud Rate setting

J1 J2 Setting
OPEN OPEN 38400 bps (factory default)
OPEN SHORT 9600 bps
SHORT OPEN 19200 bps
SHORT SHORT 115200 bps

Stop Bit setting

J3 Setting
OPEN 1 bit (factory default)
SHORT 2 bits