Noritake 512X32 VFD

VFD display for narrow spaces

Noritake 512X32 VFD is perfect for 19” rack

  • 14.6”X1.9” PCB size
  • 12”X1” screen size
  • Easy to program
  • Custom fonts and icons

GU512X32H-3900B is an intelligent display module which has many useful command sets, a programmable flash-ROM, GPIO, and both serial and parallel interfaces. The display has a wide screen aspect ratio (approximately 12:1) so it fits into wide and narrow enclosures like a 19-inch rack.


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All features are integrated on the board

512×32 pixels high resolution display
Display Area: 307.0mm × 25.4mm
Display characters and bitmap images on 1 inch height and 12 inches wide screen
High Speed Controller: provides many useful commands and functions with 2 times higher speed CPU compared with the previous models.
Flash-ROM: Store over 100 screen images, custom font tables, and program the command routines
Low power:
24V (display)
5V (Logic)
Typ. 6W
Parallel interface:
CMOS 8 bit parallel interface increases speed of screen image upload
Serial interface:
RS232 offers selectable communication settings to expand communication ranges as well as applicable host controllers
Up to 12 I/O ports are available to connect with the keypad, switches or to control indicators like LEDs


Moving Icons

Updating bitmap icon images at more than 20 frames/sec ensures enough speed to create (animated) moving icons

Moving Icons

Custom Fonts

Up to 16 custom characters can be defined into RAM and ROM.

Simple ASCII command operation

Like other Text displays, ASCII characters and commands provide easy ways to display text on the screen. See software spec. for details.

Eastern Asian Fonts

Eastern Asian Fonts (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) are included

Asian Fonts

Buy a Sample

Purchase display samples for your application. We offer the online price for your evaluation samples.

Larger Message

For larger message: GU384X32L-3900B is available


Specification Summary

Part Number # of Dots Size W x H (mm) Power (All Dots On) Typ. Weight (g) Interface
GU512X32H-3900B 16384 (512X32) PCB: 372 x 49
Display: 307 x 25.4
5V/50mA (Logic)
24V/240mA (Display)
303 Serial (RS232)
Parallel (C-MOS)
GU384X32L-3900B 12288 (384X32) PCB: 551 x 87
Display: 468.21 x 50.28
5V/60mA (Logic)
24V/600mA (Display)
1200 Serial (RS232)
Parallel (C-MOS)

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Specification Download

Download GU512X32H-3900B specificationsGU512X32H-3900B Hardware Hardware specification describes the outline dimensions, environmental, electrical, interface timing, and optical specifications
Download GU384X32L-3900B specificationsGU384X32L-3900B Hardware Hardware specification describes the outline dimensions, environmental, electrical, interface timing, and optical specifications
Download GU-3900B Series Software specificationsGU-3900B Series Software Software specification describes all standard commands, the operating modes, and communication protocols
Download GU3000 Program macro specificationsGU-3900B Series Program macro This is an additional command specification for the stand alone application. The specification describes programmable display features and examples.
Font specification Font specification shows the font table for confirming which character corresponds to the code number. The following language fonts are available.
Download International (European) fonts specificationsInternational (European) fonts
Download Chinese (Simplified) fonts specificationsChinese (Simplified)
Download Chinese (Traditional) fonts specificationsChinese (Traditional)
Download Japanese fonts specificationsJapanese
Download Korean fonts specificationsKorean

Supporting Tools

GU-3000: Code Library Code library download page
GUD-10K: GU3000 Evaluation software GUD-10K works with WindowsR and is used to evaluate Noritake Itron VFDs. GUD-10K can record your actions and save the commands in C and/or Assembly programming languages, hexadecimal, text, and in the GUD-10K native format.
Screen Layout Tool: GU-3000B Evaluation software Screen Layout Tool works with WindowsR and is used to evaluate GU-3000B Message display module. Screen Layout Tool can record your actions and save the commands.