GU-3000 Series

Graphic VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) Modules


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GU-3000 Series Dot Matrix Display

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New Generation GU-3000B

Now with a faster CPU, 12×24 font tables, 12 GPIO ports, proportional fonts, display auto power off and more flash memory. Additionally, this new generation features new functions as well as upper compatibility from the old GU-3000 series modules. Details on these features can be seen here.



UART (RS232 level)

Asynchronous Serial Interface

NOTE: Baud rate can be selected by jumper setting

GU-3000 Support Tools

Noritake Itron offers support tools for the GU-3000 series:

Tutorial software GUD-10K


Value Added Services

More videos available at our video showcase.

Do you need connectors, cables, and/or color filters?

Let us pre-assemble and inspect the quality for you. We follow the IPC standards and nothing leaves the door unless the quality meets Class 2 or higher. Not only can you cut down on the extra cost associated with subcontracting the secondary operation, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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Color Filters

Noritake Itron offers 5 colors (gray, blue, green, aqua and rose) in 11 popular VFD module display sizes. Additional colors and sizes are available upon request

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Color Filters