GU-800 Series

Built-in custom driver for faster screen refresh rate

Best readability with higher brightness and vivid blue-green text



  • Featuring Chip in Glass Technology
  • Display Text & Graphics
  • Very High Brightness
  • Widest Viewing Angles
  • Wide Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
  • Displays All Languages



Part Number# of Dots# of
Dot Pitch
Dot Size
Display Area
W x H (mm)
PCB Size
W x H (mm)
(All Dots On)
NotesDatasheetFont Tables
GU128x32-800B128 x 324 x 210.65 x 0.650.5 x 0.583.05 x 20.65130 x 38.55 / 450Download GU128x32-800B specifications
GU128x64-800B128 x 648 x 210.65 x 0.650.5 x 0.583.05 x 41.45140 x 685 / 700Download GU128x64-800B specifications
GU160x32-800B160 x 324 x 260.635 x 0.6350.485 x 0.485101.45 x 20.17154 x 455 / 550Download GU160x32-800B specifications
GU256x32-800B256 x 324 x 420.65 x 0.650.5 x 0.5166.25 x 20.65220 x 505 / 750Download GU256x32-800B specifications

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Value Added Services

Color Filters

Color Filters

Available in many colors and sizes

Noritake Itron offers 5 colors (gray, blue, green, aqua and rose) in 11 popular VFD module display sizes. Additional colors and sizes are available upon request

≫ Color Filters

Do you need connectors, cables, and/or color filters?

Let us pre-assemble and inspect the quality for you. We follow the IPC standards and nothing leaves the door unless the quality meets Class 2 or higher. Not only can you cut down on the extra cost associated with subcontracting the secondary operation, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

≫ Value Added Services

Value Added Services