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Application Notes

Title Series Description Category
A Guide to Fundamental VFD Operation GU-800 Series, GU-U100 Series, GU-B900 Series, GU-D Series, BC-VFD, CU-Y Series, CU-U Series, CU-TE Series, CU-TW Series, GU-3000 Series, GU-7000 Series

Describes Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)’s operating principles, basic structure, driving characteristics, timing, power supplies and precautions.

Application Notes, Custom Design
GU-7000 Application Note GU-7000 Series

This application note describes GU-7000 series details which include 1) item number configuration, 2) block diagrams, 3) how to interface to the controller, 4) Command examples, and 5) how to set the test mode.

Application Notes