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GU-7000: Command Description


Category Command HEX Code Description
Character code Character Display 20H-0FFH Display the character on the cursor position See Font table
Control code Back Space 08H The cursor moves to the left
by one character
Horizontal Tab 09H The cursor moves to the right by one character
Line Feed 0AH The cursor moves to one lower line
Home Position 0BH The cursor moves to the home position
Carriage Return 0DH The cursor moves to the left end of the same line
Display Clear 0CH The display is cleaned and the cursor moves to Home
Initialize Initialize Display 1BH, 40H Return to the default. DIP SW is not re-loaded
Download Font Specify Download Register 1BH, 25H, n Specify enable/disable for download register. default n=0
n=0 enable, n=1 disable
Download Character Definition 1BH, 26H, a, c1, c2, X1, d1, .., dx1,,, Xk, d1….dxk Define the download characters into RAM, max 16 characters.
c1: Start chara. code, C2:end chara.code
X: No of dots for Xdirection,
dn: define data
Delete Downloaded Character 1BH, 3FH, 01H, c Delete the defined character code – c:character code for delete
Font and Code Specify International Font Set 1BH, 52H, n n : decimal Select int’l font set. Simple symbol only. See Font table. default n=0

n=0 US,
n=4 Denmark1,
n=8 Japan,
n=12 Latin America,
n=1 France,
n=5 Sweden,
n=9 Norway,
n=13 Korea
n=2 Germany,
n=6 Italy,
n=10 Denmark2,
n=3 England,
n=7 Spain1,
n=11 Spain2,
Specify Character Code Type 1BH, 74H, n n : decimal Select font code. See Font table.  default n=0

n=0 US-Euro std,
n=3 Portuguese,
n=16 WPC1252,
n=19 PC858
n=1 Katakana,
n=4 Canadian-French,
n=17 Cyrillic #2,
n=2 Multilingua,
n=5 Nordic,
n=18 Latin 2,
Write Mode Over write Mode 1FH, 01H Over write, or replace exist data
Vertical Scroll Mode 1FH, 02H Scroll cursor up 1 line
Horizontal Scroll Mode 1FH, 03H Scroll cursor horizontally 1 space
Cursor position Cursor Set 1FH, 24H, xL, xH, yL, yH The cursor moves to the specified X-Y position
default xL, xH, yL, yH=00H
xL, xH X adrs low, high
yL, yH Y adrs low, high
Display Action Wait 1FH, 28H, 61H, 01H, t Define wait time Wait time=approx. t*0.5sec
Scroll Display Action 1FH, 28H, 61H, 10H, wL, wH, cL, cH, s Shift the display screen
wL, wH Display screen shift area low/high byte
cL, cH Repetition low/high byte
s speed (approx. s x 14msec)
Display Blink 1FH, 28H, 61H, 11H, p, t1, t2, c Display Blink Control
p=0 Normal, p=1 Repeat normal & blank
p=2 Repeat normal & reverse,
t1, t2 Noramal & blank/reverse time approx. t*14msec,
c : Number of repeat
Screen Saver 1FH, 28H, 61H, 40H, p Screen saver mode
p=0 Power save,
p=1 Power onp=2 All dots off(not power save)
p=3 All dots on
p=4 Repeat normal & reverse display(2sec each)
Bit image write Real Time Bit Image Display 1FH, 28H, 66H, 11HxL, xH, yL, yH, g, d1, dk Display the bit image data,
xL, xH Bit image Xsize low/high(1dot)
yL, yH Bit image Ysize low/high(8dots),
d1, ?c dk Bit image data
Font display Character Font Width and Space 1FH, 28H, 67H, 03H, w Specify character data
Width default w=1
w=0 Fixed 1, w=1 Fixed 2
w=2 Proportional 1, w=3 Proportional 2
Font Magnification Set 1FH, 28H, 67H, 40H, x, y Specify the size of magnification default x=1, y=1
x=1, 2, 3, 4 y=1, 2
Window Current Window Select 1FH, 28H, 77H, 01H, a Select current window
a=0 Base window,
a=1-4 User Window
User Window definition-cancel 1FH, 28H, 77H, 02H, a, b, xPL, xPH, yPL, yPH, xSL, xSH, ySL, ySH Define or Cancel User Window
a=1-4 (Window)
b=0 Cancel
b=1 Define, xPL, xPH Left position of window low/high byte
yPL, yPH Top position of window low/high byte,
xSL, xSH window X size low/high byte(1dot),
ySL, ySH window Y size low/high byte(8dots)
Write Screen Mode Select 1FH, 28H, 77H, 10H, a Select the write screen mode.
This command effects only for Base Window
default a=0
a=0 Display screen mode
a=1 All screen mode
Display Action Brightness Control; 1FH, 58H, n Specify brightness level of whole screen, default n=8
n=1 darkest, n=8 brightest (1<=n<=8)
Specify or Cancel
Reverse Display
1FH, 72H, n Specify or Cancel reverse dsiplay mode, default n=0
n=0 cancel(Normal display), n=1 Reverse mode
Horizontal Scroll Speed 1FH, 73H, n Specify horizontal scroll speed by Character, default n=0
n=1 fastest, n=31 slowest (0<=n<=31)
Specify Write Mixture
Display Mode
1FH, 77H, n The new character or graphic image display is mixed with
current display image stored in the memory, default n=0
n=0 Not mix, n=1 OR, n=2 AND, n=3 EX-OR