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GT-VP Control Center Adjust touch sensitivity, backlight brightness, and other settings on your GT-VP(1P) module. GT-1P Control Center_icon

This tool (GT-VP Control Center) provides a quick and easy way to adjust settings on a GT-VP(1P) module via USB on a PC running Linux. Three downloads are available for this application. It was developed on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS so a “standalone” version is available for the original distro. The source code for this tool (V4.0) is also available (dependent packages may need to be installed prior to compilation).

Download Update: 08-05-2021  Control Center Ver.4.0

System Requirements:

  • Embedded Linux
    With GTK+ 3 and libusb installed (for source code version)
  • USB Communication Port
  • 150KB of hard drive space

Application Setup

The setup procedures for both the standalone and source code versions can be seen in the instruction/overview document.

You can find these documents in the download file above.


Applicable Display Models:

Tested Operating Systems / Devices for Standalone Version:

  • Raspberry Pi OS
  • Raspbian Linux


  • This tool is supplied “as is” without warranty.
  • It’s possible to fail or malfunction under a specific combination of peripherals and PC or operating system.

Revision History:

Version Date Revision
1.0.0 02-23-2018 Initial
2.0.0 09-20-2018 • Added full command functionality.
• Organized GUI into tabs.
• Added compatibility with GT1280X800A-1303P.
3.0.0 BETA 06-02-2020

• Added the “Touch Setting Package” tab
• GTWV050VHB00P compatibility
• Various bug fixes

3.0.0 09-04-2020

• Improved “Touch Setting Package” tab features and stability
• Various bug fixes
• Changed name to “GT-VP Control Center”

3.1.0 12-30-2020

• Added compatibility for GTWX101VHB00P
• Various bug and logic fixes
• Improved TSP file compatibility

3.2.0 06-24-2021

• Added compatibility for GTWS070VHA00P

4.0.0 08-05-2021

• Added Touch Level Tool to “Touch Monitor” tab.


GT-VP Control Center | Connection/Info


GT-VP Control Center | Display Settings


GT-VP Control Center | Touch Monitor


GT-VP Control Center | Touch Setting Package


GT-VP Control Center | Touch Standard Reference


GT-VP Control Center | Touch Level Tool