TFT Module
[GT-VP Series]

Support Guide

Futured Guide

Touch Adjustment Information

  • Refer to this quick touch setting guide first

    Through reading this quick guide, (you can) get a brief understanding of the Touch Sensitivity Adjustment, its process, and its assumed installation condition. These are essentials to use the following documents and tools.

  • Touch Screen Sensitivity Adjustment Guide

    This guidance document is intended to help users adjust GT touch screen sensitivity parameters via Touch Setting Package Data and reach proper operation within their environment/enclosure.

  • Touch Setting Package Data Download

    A touch setting package (TSP) data file contains custom touch sensitivity values to improve GT-CP and GT-VP module touch performance in specific environmental conditions.
    [Application note | Touch Screen Sensitivity Adjustment Guide] will walk you through the steps to select, and test a touch setting package file and threshold value on a display module.

Basic Guide

  • GT-VP Application Note

    This document describes the detail of the GT-VP (1P) series module including principal of the FLETAS® touch screen, case study of sensitivity adjustment, configuration of the command-set, interface example, and more usable information to evaluate the module.



  • GT-1 Pass

    This tool (GT-1 Pass) provides a quick and easy way to evaluate a GT-VP (1P) TFT module via USB or UART. This application allows you to adjust the touch sensitivity and the backlight brightness on the modules.

  • GT-VP Control Center

    This tool provides a quick and easy way to adjust brightness and touch sensitivity of a GT-VP (1P) TFT module via USB on a PC running Linux.