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Noritake Vacuum Fluorescent Displays

New Technology & Products

NEW Core Technologies

Noritake welcomes collaboration work to realize your idea to market. We propose our unique technologies for your new product developments.
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NEW Capacitive Touch Switch

Touch Switch product image

Noritake fine pattern aluminum etching on Glass. Reliable capacitive switch, clean surface.
Luxurious custom design and Keypad available.
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NEW EMI Shield Window

Noritake Itron EMI shield window filters 50dB at 1 - 1000MHz with 85% transmittance

Noritake fine pattern Aluminum etching on Glass offering high visibility and attenuation.
Custom sizes and mesh design available.
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NEW OLED Display Module

GE-7000 Series
GE-7000 Series Graphic Display

Crisp image, Easy to use, Easy interface, Dependable
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Visible Easy to Read, Bright and Wide Viewing Angle
Intelligent Powerful MCU on board, Various fonts and commands
Reliable Wide Temperature Environments
Quality Industrial Field proven, Noritake manufacturing  facilities
Support Long-term Accountability since 1967

Character display

CU-Y Series

Y series product image

Enhanced text display
• Versatile text commands
• Brightness control by character
• 5x8 character format
• International ASCII fonts
• RS232,USART,UART and parallel

CU-U Series

U version picture

Improve readability with simplicity
• HD44780 LCD upper compatible
• Replace LCD with same footprint
• 1" width compact models
• Brightness/Boost control
• Parallel 4/8 bit, Serial interface

Dot matrix Graphic Display

GU-3000 Series

GU256X32D-3900, GU256X64C-3900, GU256X64D-3900, GU256X64E-3900, GU256X128C-3900, GU256X128D-3900, GU320X32D-3900

Versatile Graphic Display
• Enhanced text commands
• Graphic/window commands
• Standalone macro programming
• Flash Mem, 12bit GPIO and DMA
• International and Asian fonts

GU-7000 Series

Available 7000 Series evaluation kit models: GU112X16G-7000, GU112X16G-7003, GU128X32D-7000, GU128X32D-7003, GU128X64D-7000, GU128X64D-7003, GU140X16G-7000, GU140X16G-7003, GU140X16J-7000, GU140X16J-7003, GU140X32F-7000, GU140X32F-7003, GU256X64D-7000, GU280X16G-7000, GU280X16G-7003

Easy Graphic and Text Display
• Useful graphic/window commands
• Enhanced text commands
• 1" width compact model 144x16 dot
• International and Asian CJK fonts
• Parallel, serial and SPI interface

Message and Wide Display

Message Display: Star Bright, Network Display Kit, and Message Selector Kit Message Display: Star Bright, Network Display Kit, and Message Selector Kit

• Up to 18" Wide Displays are available
• Stand-Alone Quick start display: "Star Bright" - Windows application soft included
• Evaluation Kit: Network Display Kit and Message Selector Kit

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Video Library

Videos for Products and Features


Color Filters

Noritake Itron offers 5 colors (gray, blue, green, aqua, and rose) in 11 of popular VFD module display sizes.

For better contrast and color design
5 standard colors
(gray, blue, green, aqua, and rose-white)
Popular VFD module display sizes
Additional colors and sizes are available.

Connectors and Cable Assy

Technical Info

Application Notes
Design Guidance and tools

Code Library
Sample files and Tools for MCU

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