Series: GT-EP Video Tutorial

Create a Project and Menu File

Last update: April 25, 2018

This webpage is intended as a text supplement for the video above. This page will provide all of the necessary information (web links, images, etc.) to achieve the goals accomplished in the video tutorial.

  1. Overview
  2. Create a Project
  3. Add a Menu File

1. Overview

We will be creating a project and adding a menu file to that project.

2. Create a Project

First, go to Project > New Project, and title this project YouTube_example.

Change the type to TW since our GT-EP is very close to Noritake IUK’s TW module. Let’s switch to 800 × 480. Hit OK.

3. Add a Menu File

Now we have our project generated but we don’t have any files yet, so let’s go up to Files > Create New Menu File. Make sure its named TW800A and hit Save.

You will see the example program.


We’ll be explaining the details of this entire program in the next tutorial.


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