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Quality Specifications

Title Series Description Category
TT-17-3301 | Glass Panel Products Quality Specification GT-VP Series, GT-EP Series, GT-CP Series, GT-SP Series, GU-D Series, TKU Touch Module, Touch Panel

Panel Products Quality Specification (This spec describes the Quality criteria and the conditions to inspect the glass panel products which includes the touch-screen, touch-switch, and EMI shield.)

Quality Specifications
TT-98-3413 | Module Products Quality Specifications GE-7000 Series, GU-D Series, CU-Y Series, TKU Touch Module, CU-U Series, GT-VP Series, CU-TE Series, GT-EP Series, CU-TW Series, GT-CP Series, GU-3000 Series, GT-SP Series, GU-7000 Series, GU-800 Series, GU-U100 Series, GU-B900 Series

Module Product Quality Specifications

Quality Specifications