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Playlist: Noritake VFD Implementation

Noritake itron Message Sign Display: Japanese Version

Japanese style sign box Real time current exchange display Noritake itron VFD Module Visit us at:

Noritake Custom VFD: GU-Series - Anime Manga Demo

This is a custom VFD module designed to show the product's video capabilities. Visit us at:

Noritake VFD: 24x24 Two Color Display

Very short video showing a two color test module. 24 x 24dot 2 colors 3"(78mm) Height Noritake VFD Visit us at:

Noritake VFD: Slim Message Sign Display - Beautiful Blue Color for PS USB POS

COMPACT and eye pleasant Blue Emission Display "NORITAKE STARBRIGHT" Very Slim and light 2x12" Display Area/for Table top or in-store display shelf Best combination with your table top exhibition...

Noritake VFD: Flexible Moving Message Non-LED Sign

24 x 24 dot 2 colors 3"(78mm) height Noritake VFD Visit us at:

Noritake VFD: CU Modules - High Brightness Chinese Fonts POS

Bright text displays capable of showing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other international Asian fonts. CU200211-TE Advanced Noritake VFD Technology:

Noritake VFD: Tokyo Show 2010 - Measurement Exhibit

Our Measurement Exhibit at Tokyo, Japan in November 2010. NOTE: Measurement "enclosures" seen in this video are non-functional mock-ups. Visit us at:

Noritake Historic VFD: Digital Tube Clock - Controlled by PIC

VFD was invented in 1967 by Ise Electronics Corp. The single digit tube is its early model for desktop calculators and digital counters. This clock uses old single digit Vacuum Fluorescent Tubes DG...

Noritake Sign Board: RSS News Feed Display - Moving Message Test

Cascading 32x64 dot Units Capable to display international fonts Receiving RSS feed White LEDs Visit us at:

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