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Playlist: Character Display Modules

Noritake VFD: CU-Y Features Part 2 - 22x4 in 16x2 LCD Footprint

E-MTR-0009-00 Feature: 88 characters (22x4) in 16x2 LCD footprint. Display used: CU22042-Y1A

Noritake VFD: CU-Y Features Part 1 - Menu with highlighted option

E-MTR-0005-00 Objective: To create a menu with highlighted options using the "Brightness (character)" command for the CU-Y. Display used: CU24063-Y1A http://www.norit...

Noritake VFD: CU-TE Features Part 1 - RS 232 Communication

E-MTR-0008-00 Objective: To communicate over 60ft of cable via RS-232. Display used: CU200211-TE200A Cable used: CAT3 24/3P ...

Noritake VFD: Touch Switch Slider Demo with DS2049F and Arduino

Testing the integration between a DS2049F and a touch switch slider using an Arduino Uno. Visit us at:

Noritake VFD: CU-Y Features Part 3 - 24x4 in 20x2 LCD Footprint

E-MTR-0010-00 Feature: 96 characters (24x4) in 20x2 LCD footprint. Display used: CU24043-Y1A

Noritake VFD: Readability Part 5 - 11 mm & 9 mm Character Height Comparison

E-MTR-0006-00 Objective: To compare the 11 mm and 9 mm character height VFD modules in various distance. Displays used: Top VFD module: CU200211-TE200A

Noritake VFD: Readability Part 2 - Low Operating Temperature

E-MTR-0002-00 Objective: To compare the difference in readability at low temperature. Displays used: - VFD module: CU20025ECPB-W1J (top)

Noritake VFD: GU and CU Comparison - Atmel AVR

Noritake itron Vacuum Fluorescent Displays Atmel AVR code libraries available HD44780 compatible VFD Modules: CU-U Series: - CU40025-UW6J :40x2 Characters HD44780 compatible GU-7000 Series: - 280...

Noritake VFD: CU-TE High Brightness Demo - Simplified Chinese International Fonts for Windows POS

Noritake Vacuum Fluorescent Display CU20029-TE200K CU200211-TE200A European Chinese Japanese Korean fonts on-board 15x16 font presents fine pictograms and international fonts OPOS Drivers /RS23...

Noritake VFD: CU-Y Features Part 4 - 24x6 VFD Module vs 20x4 LCD

E-MTR-0011-00 Feature: 144 characters (26x4) in compact size (Smaller than 20x4 LCD.) Display used: CU24043-Y1A

Noritake BC-VFD: DS2045G 20x4 HD44780 Controller Module - Atmel AVR SPI Demo

Noritake Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) 20x4 ,20x2,16x2 Built-in Controller VFD TYPE DS2045G,DS2025R,DS1625M Cost reduction and flexible design solution HD44780 Controller in glass package withou...

Noritake VFD: CU-U Features Part 2 - Sync Serial Communication

E-MTR-0013-00 Feature: Only 5 wires for CU-U synchronous serial. Display used: CU20025-UW1J CU-U Code library http://www.norit...

Noritake VFD: Readability Part 4 - Display Response Comparison

E-MTR-0004-00 Objective: To compare the difference in display response between VFD module and LCD Displays used: - VFD module: CU20025-UW1J http://www.noritake-elec....

Noritake VFD: CU-U Features Part 1 - HD44780 Compatible Commands

HD44780 commands compare LCD display and Noritake VFD display. Code Library (HD44780 compatible) for CU-U series available here: Noritake Code Libraries provide easy-to-remem...

Noritake VFD: Readout Brightness Demo - Scales

CU24043-Y1A: 4x24 characters 5x7 Highlighting command CU20027-YX1A : 2x20 characters 5x8 High Bright x4 GU series Full dot Display modules with fonts on board GU140X16J-7040 : LED Backlit Visit...

Noritake BC-VFD: 20x2 DS2025R Chip-in HD44780 Controller - Arduino SPI (3-wire) Interface

Built-in controller VFD 20x2 Character Vacuum Fluorescent Display 20x2,20x4,16x2 character formats available Arduino Serial Drive Only 3 ports :SI/O,CLOCK, STROBE Trial of color filters : Green/B...

Noritake BC-VFD: DS2049F 20x4 Large Font - Horse Racing Demo Using Arduino

Use a BC-VFD which has HD44780 controller in glass. Interface is 3wire clocked serial from Arduino board. User definable fonts are used to indicate the horse pattern. Samples are available now at N...

Noritake VFD: Readability Part 1 - Viewing Angle

E-MTR-0001-00 Objective: To compare the difference in viewing angle between the VFD module and LCD Displays used: - VFD module: CU20025-UW1J http://www.noritake-elec...

Noritake VFD: Readability Part 3 - Color Filter

E-MTR-0003-00 Objective: To see how the emitted light of VFD module is altered by the Noritake color filter. Display used: - VFD module: CU20027-YX1A http://www.nori...

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