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Playlist: GT-CP (GU-TFT) Tutorials

Noritake GU-TFT Tutorial | Part 4.5: Recall Images with Arduino PRO

Learn how to recall images saved to FROM2 with the Arduino PRO micro-controller. Source code: FTDI Cable Dr...

Noritake GU-TFT Tutorial | Part 5: GU-TFT Screen Design with GTO Tool

Learn how to create a screen design for GU-TFT. Music: GU-TFT driver installation guide: G...

Noritake GU-TFT Tutorial | Part 2: Sending and Analyzing Text with GUD10K

Learn how to send and analyze text using our GUD10K evaluation software. Music: GU-TFT driver installation guide:

Noritake GU-TFT Tutorial | Part 4: Recall Images with MSP430™

Learn how to recall images saved to FROM2 with the MSP-EXP430F5529LP micro-controller. GU-TFT MSP430™ code library: IA...

Noritake GU-TFT Tutorial | Part 3: Storing Images to FROM2 with GU-TFT Tool

Learn how to store/recall images to/from FROM2 using our GU-TFT Tool. Part 1: Part 2: More info on GU-TFT:...

Noritake GU-TFT Tutorial | Part 1: Displaying an Image with GU-TFT Tool

Learn how to display an image on your GU-TFT module using our GU-TFT tool. GU-TFT driver installation guide: GU-TFT Tool...

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GT Series Touch Features

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GT-CP Beginner Tutorial

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GT-VP(1P) | TFT Module with DVI and Touch via USB

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GU-3000 Series | Graphic Display Modules

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GT-CP (GU-TFT) | Command-based Touch Screen TFT Module

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Noritake VFD Implementation

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Noritake VFD Demo

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