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RS232 I/F Model | New 7″ TFT Touch Module

New GT-CP Series | GTWV070C3A01PA

Noritake’s GT-CP series is a command-controlled touch TFT module designed to facilitate quick embedded GUI development and reduce system costs with powerful built-in commands.
New GT-CP TFT module GTWV070C3A01PA supports RS-232 I/F for command control.



Command-based operation makes GUI development quick and easy.
Multiple interfaces (RS-232, GPIO and USB).
Wide VGA (800×480 pixels) in 7″ screen size.
On-board flash memory available to store many images and fonts.
5V single power supply. (5V / 720mA Typical)


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New GT-VP Series | GTWV070VHB01P

Noritake’s GT-VP series is an embedded touch TFT module designed to smoothly integrate into any project.
This is suitable as an embedded touch monitor for PCs or single-board computers (SBC) that have digital video output (HDMI Type A connector).
GT-VP supports EDID and touch via USB is HID compliant, so plug-and-play is possible.

New GT-VP TFT module GTWV070VHB01P supports RS-232 I/F for control by command.



Digital Video Interface (DVI) with HDMI connector.
Touch via USB (HID compliant).
Wide VGA (800×480 pixels) in 7″ screen size.
Touch sensitivity is adjustable via simple commands over USB or RS-232.
5V single power supply. (5V / 630mA Typical)


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