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Product Selection Guide Update

Product Selection Guide Update

Take a look at our updated product selection guide. It is a great technical resource to obtain the most up-to-date information on Noritake touch and display products.

Recent Updates Include:

  • UI improvement for better readability.
  • Added a size reference tab to easily compare display sizes.
  • Added more comparison filters.
  • Added comparison highlighting to indicate differences between products.

UI Improvement

The new UI displays each product in a simple card-style format.

The top blue band indicates the product part number followed by the product picture, an online shop link, and a product comparison check-mark.
Click on the product picture to go to the product detail page that provides downloadable technical resources and associated specification datasheets.

Added a Size Reference Tab

The size reference chart will appear by clicking the “Size Reference” tab.

Comparison Chart

Steps to compare products:

    1. 1. Select up to four products with the “Compare” check-mark.
    1. 2. Click the “Compare” button in the navigation bar.

Added More Comparison Filters and Highlighting

The comparison chart has many filters to compare the selected products.
Comparison highlighting indicates differences between products in red.

If you have any questions about this update, please fill out the help form below.