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    iDev OS Host System: Smart Touch Screen

    Quickly develop embedded programs for any system. Reduce system costs with the GT-EP’s built-in ARM9 host controller.

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iDEV OS Host System
4.3″ Intelligent Touch TFT Module



iDEV OS Host System
7″ Intelligent Touch TFT Module


Products Info


  • Part NumberResolutionDisplay Size (inch)Display Area (mm)PCB Size (mm)Operating TempWeight (g)PowerPower SupplyInterfaceSpecification


    1. "N/A" means "Not Available".

    2. The specification table above are summarised information, so please confirm further details on the respective detail specification.


Block Diagram

Block Diagram


iDev OS Host System

What is iDev OS?

iDevOS is a combined operating system and application processor software suitable for controlling a wide range of applications using a color TFT display with touch panel and numerous interfaces to control peripheral devices. It was developed to reduce the time taken for companies to implement the latest color display technology in their products by supplying much of the high level functionality expected of a touch controlled display in the operating system.

Useful Functions

Creating an iDev Project

Define a name for your project and list all the files to be included to enable the application. Add or delete files from the project and maintain an update status of each.

Transfer Project to SD Card

Upload files all files to the SD card.

Free Sample Project Files

The example projects are supplied for educational and rapid start purposes.

iDevTFT Development Software

The iDevTFT software is being developed to simplify the creation, editing and uploading of application menus, fonts and images into itron SMART TFTs. You can add files to a project list on the left side and view/edit the files on the right side. Menu files are shown with multi-color syntax and error highlighting.


Run a project

Run the project on a virtual TFT with interface communications enabled.


Emulate a project

Run a real-time emulation of the project, where you can use communication interfaces, IO port, External Keys, ADC and PWM. You can also add entities to a Watch List top view these as the project runs.

Create, Edit & View Font files

Create your own characters or animations or edit existing font sets. Import or export a grey scale BMP image.

Run Debugger

Run the project code step by step, up to a breakpoint using the emulation code view window.

Development Support

Download Specification

Check out the display commands and electrical requirements from the full specifications below.

Select the desired specifications button to register and download.

GT-EP Tutorial Video & Webpage

Beginner Tutorial Part 1 to 5

  • Part 1: Install iDev TFT ► Video | Web Page
  • Part 2: Install Driver ► Video | Web Page
  • Part 3: Create a Project and Menu File ► Video | Web Page
  • Part 4: Example Code Explanation ► Video | Web Page
  • Part 5: Upload Program to GT-EP ► Video | Web Page

See more videos on our YouTube Channel


iDev TFT: Free Software Development Tool

We offer Windows® based free development software “iDev TFT” to create your application quickly. The iDev TFT software is being developed to simplify the creation, editing and uploading of application menus, fonts and images into itron SMART TFTs. You can add files to a project list on the left side and view/edit the files on the right side. Menu files are shown with multi-colour syntax and error highlighting.

Troubleshooting Guide

This guide shows solutions to frequently asked questions and common problems that users may encounter while using Noritake GT series modules.

Product Support

Long Term Support Policy

We are very aware of how important long-term support is for our customers and continue to strive to maintain strong supply chains with our GT products. Please refer to the Long Term Support Policy for more information.

Value Added Services

Optimize your manufacturing process by letting us take care of your connector, cable, conformal coating, filter, and control board needs.

Value Added Services

Global Customer Support

Your needs are locally supported. Our sales offices are located worldwide and committed to providing the guidance, tools and technical resources directly.

Global Customer Support

No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

We accept and ship orders from 1 pc. Our warehouse in Chicago can ship our products to customer in US/CANADA/MEXICO.

No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

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GT Product Features

FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch

Two metallized layers(x-y) are overlaid onto an LCD screen. These thin-film metallic panels have a lower impedance than typical ITO** touch panels. This allows for a higher S/N ratio, wider touch sense margin, and better overall sensitivity.
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** ITO = Indium Tin Oxide

FLETAS<sup>®</sup> Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch

High Brightness

Each module has a high brightness TFT ranging from 950-1000cd/m2*.

* Actual brightness range: 810-850cd/m2.

Stable Operation

Variable projection radius. Tested up to 5mm acrylic and *15mm glass overlay without affecting touch response under factory conditions.

Stable Operation


Allow for gesture control and handles up to 10 concurrent touches at a time.


Easily Cleaned

Glass surface is damage-resistant and tolerant to chemical cleaning solutions.

Easily Cleaned