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Custom Touch Adjustment | Touch Setting Package Data

Custom Touch Adjustment | Touch Setting Package Data

Touch setting package (TSP) data has been released for Noritake GT-CP and GT-1P(VP) modules!

TSP data changes touch parameters not accessible via display commands. A TSP file can be created for a specific application. For example, if a display is placed in an enclosure behind a thick cover overlay and must be operated using gloves, then only adjusting the touch screen’s threshold value may not produce the best possible sensitivity for reliable operation. A unique TSP file can stabilize operation in this specific environment. Noritake offers an array of standard, pre-configured and tested TSP files for specific environments.

Just select your environmental and enclosure requirements and hit “Search”!

Standard TSP File Selection

Application Note Download

If we don’t have a TSP file for your specific environment, or our standard TSP files just don’t cut it, contact us and we will create a custom TSP file to fit your needs.

NOTE: Currently, our TSP files are specific to a WET environment (water droplets). DRY environment TSP files should be released soon.