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Product Preview: The new 4×4 Keypad module works with gloves and water spillage


FLETAS 4×4 Keypad module (P/N: TKU016CT-A100)

September 30, 2016

Noritake will release a brand-new intelligent keypad module to provide rapid implementation of stable operation, adaptable sensitivity, multiple touches, an easily cleaned surface and simple interface to your Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications.

Simple and reliable key inputs are very important for machine operation. Our new keypad module works with gloves and water spillage conditions and is made with strong tempered glass by fine photo-etching technology, so there is no degradation over time.

The new keypad module supports automatic calibration and has the following selectable touch-detection methods:

  • Conventional 4×4 key matrix scanning
  • Command-based detection via serial communication

This allows for a smooth keypad replacement/integration process.

In addition, the keypad controller provides many switch activation options in combination with LED backlighting. General purpose input/output and serial interfaces allow for a direct interface to your product.

The video-clip below demonstrates just some of the keypad’s capabilities:

Please reach out to your local sales rep to see a live demo at your location. These demonstrations are great if you are interested in bringing your engineering and marketing teams together to consider the latest HMI technology.

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About Noritake Co., Inc. – Electronics Division

Noritake Co., Inc. Electronics Division is a manufacturer of user-interface components and provider of HMI solutions involving displays, touch-interfaces, and noise-shielding products. We are headquartered in the Chicago area and proudly continue our 50-year history from being the first supplier of Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD), used in calculators, to becoming a leader in streamlining human-machine integration.
While our Chicago warehouse stocks an array of standard VFD, LCD, OLED, touch-panel, and EMI shielding products, we also design, develop, and produce custom solutions by working with clients through our dedicated customer support service teams.