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Thank you for visiting our booth #2275 at the MD&M East New York 2016


Fair Lawn, NJ – July 11, 2016


Thank you from Noritake Co., Inc., Electronics Division for meeting with us and seeing our product showcase at MD&M East 2016, which was held in New York’s Javits Center on June 14-16. We had a successful event and turn-out thanks to your interests. Demonstrations of our latest capacitive touch technology caught the most attention and we are looking forward to working with new prospective clients to collaborate with. We are excited to help build unique solutions that will allow our clients to stand out from their competition.


Stand-alone message display units that attracts clients to the
show booth.


Capacitive touch-screen LCD panel that works with water and gloves.


4×4 keypad with fixed metallic finish that works with water and gloves.


High brightness VFD modules that are viewable outdoors and across a large room.


Demonstration of our capacitive touch technology under running water.


Wire mesh EMI shields for applications that require maximum SNR.

Please reach out to your local sales rep for an in-house micro booth product demonstration that we can hold at your location. These demonstrations are great if you are interested in bringing your engineering and marketing teams together in considering the latest HMI technology.

LCD Touch Screen Capacitive Touch Switch EMI Shield Window VFD Module products
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Discover a color display and practical touch capabilities with Noritake GU-TFT. Noritake fine pattern aluminum etching on Glass. Reliable capacitive switch, clean surface. Noritake fine pattern Aluminum etching on Glass offering high visibility and attenuation.  VFD module is VFD with PWB, CPU, power supply, interface circuit, etc.

About Noritake Co., Inc. – Electronics Division

Noritake Co., Inc. Electronics Division is a manufacturer of user-interface components and provider of HMI solutions involving displays, touch-interfaces, and noise-shielding products. We are headquartered in the Chicago area and proudly continue our 50-year history from being the first supplier of Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD), used in calculators, to becoming a leader in streamlining human-machine integration.
While our Chicago warehouse stocks an array of standard VFD, LCD, OLED, touch-panel, and EMI shielding products, we also design, develop, and produce custom solutions by working with clients through our dedicated customer support service teams.