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New OLED Module: GE256X64C-7933B


Noritake GE256X64C-7933B is a high-performance intelligent OLED display module.

This OLED module works as a character display by simply sending ASCII code to the module. The on-board flash memory can store up to 256 screen images, which significantly reduces software development cost and host controller memory usage. In addition, Noritake provides free design resources including command evaluation software, code libraries, and downloadable datasheets. The module’s size and GU7000 derived command set makes it easy to replace old LCD/VFD/OLED displays.

  • Simple Command-based Operation
    • Noritake’s firmware eliminates long start-up (initialize) times and reduces character display data overhead when performing a simple command operation like displaying a letter ‘A’. Only a single ASCII character code (0x41) is needed. Additionally, backspace (0x08), horizontal tab (0x09), line feed (0x0A), home position (0x0B), carriage return (0x0D), and display clear (0x0C) work exactly like a terminal display.
    • Display controls, font options, image controls, and screensaver functions are also available.
    • Same command set as Noritake’s GU7000 series.
      • Added: 180° rotation function
  • Effortless MCU Interfacing
    • Available with industrial standard serial interfaces (UART/I2C/SPI) to directly connect the display module to an MCU

      Simple Serial Interface

    • 3.3V single power supply and signal level
  • Dependable OLED panel
    • Reliable COG OLED panel construction
    • Long life: 70K hours till 50% brightness attenuation
    • A high-quality “made in Japan” panel is used

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