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New TFT Module: GT480X272A-C903PA

New TFT Module: GT480X272A-C903PA

Noritake’s GT400X272A-C903PA is an intelligent command-based touch TFT module designed to quickly develop embedded GUI programs and reduce system costs with powerful built-in commands. The mounted FLETAS® touch panel has high touch sensitivity that can operate accurately in demanding environments. Touch works with gloves and up to a 3mm acrylic overlay and 1mm air-gap

The GT480X272A-C903PA is based on Noritake Command Sets; it has a combination of Noritake’s GU3000 VFD modules ASCII-based text commands, full color image commands, and scalable-font compatibility. The module can work with a wide range of micro-controllers from low to high end, by using industry standardized serial interfaces (Async., I2C, SPI, and USB).

The display works with major controllers


  • Command Based operation makes GUI development quick and easy.
  • Multiple interfaces (Async., I2C, SPI, GPIO and USB).
  • 4.3″ TFT with high-quality PCB design intended for industrial applications.
  • High Brightness 1,000cd/m2 TFT panel is used. (Actual Brightness: 850cd/m2 Typ.)
  • FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch (MPCT) panel has adaptable sensitivity which can work with gloved hands, water droplets and thick overlays.
  • Touch sensitivity is adjustable via simple commands.
  • On board Flash memory available to store number of screen images and fonts.
  • 5V single power supply.

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