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New Wide Operating Temperature | 4.3″ TFT Touch Module

New Wide Operating Temperature | 4.3″ TFT Touch Module

Integrate a touch screen in extreme environments

Noritake’s GTWQ043C3B00PWA is a Wide Operating Temperature (-30 to +85 deg.C
| -22 to +185 deg.F) model of a command-controlled touch TFT module designed to facilitate quick embedded GUI development and reduce system costs with powerful built-in commands.

The GTWQ043C3B00PWA module consists of:

  • Wide Operating Temperature type TFT panel
  • A 4.3″ high brightness (Typ. 850 cd/m2) screen (480×272 pixel resolution)
  • 5V DC single power supply
  • FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch (MPCT) panel
  • All necessary drive circuitry

This new display can operate in a wide temperature range -30 to +85 deg C (-22 to +185 deg. F) without any adverse effects. This is perfect for refrigeration and heating applications.
See the Wide Operating Temperature GT-CP Displays

Advanced Touch panel

The mounted FLETAS® touch panel has high touch sensitivity that can operate accurately in demanding environments. Touch works with gloves and up to a 5mm acrylic overlay (with 0.5mm air-gap).

Useful Commands

The GTWQ043C3B00PWA is based on Noritake VFD command sets. It has a combination of Noritake’s GU3000 ASCII-based text commands, full color image commands, and scalable-font compatibility. The module can work with a wide range of low and high-end micro-controllers using industry standard serial interfaces (Async., I2C, SPI, and USB).


  • Wide Operating Temperature (-30 to +85 deg.C | -22 to +185 deg.F)
  • Command-based operation makes GUI development quick and easy.
  • Multiple interfaces (Async., I2C, SPI, GPIO and USB).
  • 480×272 pixels packed into a 4.3″ screen size.
  • High-quality PCB design intended for industrial applications.
  • A high brightness 4.3″ TFT panel is used. (Typical Brightness: 850cd/m2 at 100%)
  • FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch (MPCT) panel has adaptive sensitivity that works with gloved hands, water droplets and thick overlays.
  • Touch sensitivity is adjustable via simple commands over USB, I2C, SPI, and UART.
  • On-board flash memory available to store many images and fonts.
  • 5V DC single power supply. (5V / 410mA (2.1W) Typical, at 100% Brightness)

Learn more about Noritake GTWQ043C3B00PWA TFT & touch module:

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