Series: Getting Started with GT-CP

Getting Started with GT-CP | Step 4. Store and Display a Sample Image

Store a Image

You can call up stored images with the “Downloaded bit image display” command.

  1. Generate GTOMP sample images by selecting Tool > Create Test Images.

    Four test images will be created on the PC desktop.

  2. Drag and drop an image file to the FROM2 icon.

    The dropped image will create a new node under the FROM2 node.

  3. Make sure the FROM2 checkbox is checked in the “Memory Selection” area.
  4. Click the “Write Display” button to store the image into the GT-CP module’s onboard memory called “FROM2”
  5. A dialog window will appear to show FROM2 usage.
  6. Close the FROM2 usage dialog window.
  7. Another dialog window will appear with a list of available ports. Check the “Noritake Display” option.
  8. Click on the “Write” button.
  9. Wait until a window pops up and says “Complete”. Close this window and the “MultiWrite” window.
  10. MAP file info will be generated in the “Map” section when the image is stored in FROM2.

Display on the GT-CP module

  1. Double click on the hexadecimal command (1fh 28h 66h etc.) underneath the image name and the stored image will display on the GT-CP module.

Store Multiple Images

You can also store multiple images. If you can’t find all the image names and the hexadecimal commands, scroll the window to see them.


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