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LCD Touch Screen Products

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Command Controlled Type

Compared with existing ITO-based touch panels, our touch technology achieves superior sensitivity.
This includes its ability to operate with a cover glass and gloves even water spillage conditions.
Wide Operating Temperature model available.

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GT-CP Series

HDMI & Touch via USB

SBC/PC ready. This is suitable as an embedded touch monitor for PCs or single-board computers (SBC) that have digital video output (HDMI Type A connector). GT-VP supports EDID and touch via USB is HID compliant, so plug-and-play is possible.

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GT-VP Series

Product Support

  • Long-Term Support Policy
  • No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Global Customer Support
  • Value Added Services

List of recommended compatible products

Some products are recommended to be replaced with "recommended replacement products" due to production discontinuation or other reasons.

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Development Support

Design Resources

The following links show the chart of design resources which includes tutorial videos, development support tools(software), code libraries, and product quality specs. according to the GT series categories.

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Webinar Archive

We ran webinars explaining different aspects of our GT series modules and touch technology. We have created a webinar archive so all past webinars are still accessible.

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