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Noritake to Showcase at ESC Boston 2019

Noritake to Showcase at ESC Boston 2019

Noritake will be at the ESC (Embedded Systems Conference) Boston 2019, located at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, MA. on May 15th and 16th.

Stop by our booth (#872) to see our new touch TFT products running demos showcasing ~15 mm thick overlay and thick glove operation first hand.

Touch works 10mm thick overlay

Noritake Co., Inc. continues to challenge the human interface device industry with high density thin film patterning on capacitive touch glass.
We have integrated superior technology to our touch TFT products that will greatly improve a system’s touch performance and reliability.
Noritake has recently developed high signal-to-noise ratio projective capacitance touch technology that allows for environmental adaptation and high noise resistance. It is possible for this new touch technology to work through a clear protective overlay (up to 15 mm thick).

This touch technology is included in Noritake’s GT product line:


GT-1P Demo

GT-1P Series: DVI & Touch Via USB. Touch TFT Module for embedded monitor applications.
Now available in 7 and 10.1 screen size

GT-CP Demo

GT-CP Series: Controlled via powerful byte commands. These commands minimize host overhead and improve development efficiency.
Now available in 4.3 and 7 screen size

GT-EP Coffe-machine demo Image

GT-EP Series: Quickly develop embedded programs for any system. Reduce system costs with the GT-EP’s built-in ARM9 host controller.
Now available in 4.3 and 7 screen size