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GTOMP Beta Update

GTOMP Beta Update

We’re excited to introduce GTOMP Beta update.

Update: 01-29-2020


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GTOMP provides a quick and easy way to evaluate and/or customize a GT-CP module via USB or UART. This application allows you to display images on GT-CP modules, create graphical user interface (GUI) prototypes, and download touch setting package data.

Touch setting package and touch level tool functions are added to this version. These new functionalities provide users further touch sensitivity settings and expand our touch screen’s capability to make excellent touch responses.

This tool is a GTOP upgrade and combines our GT-Packer and GTO tools into a single support suite. GTOP will not receive any more updates from now on.

WARNING: This version of the tool is in its BETA stage. This means that it is not fully tested and may have a few bugs or crash unexpectedly. Use this tool at your own risk.

Note: As of January 27th, 2020, the touch setting package and touch level viewer functions are compatible with the following product(s):