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Getting Started with GT-CP | Step 6. Adjust the Touch Sensitivity for Various Cases

Threshold adjustment

Noritake displays work with a variety of gloves. It also works with thick cover glass. The touch sensitivity threshold needs to be adjusted for each unique situation. Here is an example of using the “Touch Level Tool” to measure an actual case and determine the threshold value.

Threshold measurements depend on the environment. Also, if the threshold is too small, ghost touch may occur.

This is the result of a 5mm acrylic plate cover and leather gloves. The readings show a range of between 30~35. So the threshold value should be approximately that value.

Example 1 Nitrile gloves

To start with, let’s measure the threshold using nitrile gloves and a 2 mm acrylic plate. When we did so, the threshold values were as follows.

The input touch values marked in red are between 120 and 125, so the threshold value should be close to those values.

Next, I replaced the thickness of the acrylic plate from 2 mm to 5 mm.

The input touch value is different from the previous one, and you can see that the threshold needs to be changed depending on the situation. Please note, the input touch value indicates around 43~48. The threshold value should be set between 43~48.

Example 2 Leather gloves

Next, I will test with leather gloves. Let’s check the input touch value with a leather glove without a cover.

In the case of leather gloves, the input touch value was around 163~170. Therefore, the threshold value selected should be around that value.

In the same way as before, we covered the input touch value with a 2mm acrylic plate and measured the input touch value. As you can see from the results, the threshold value is set around 90~95.

Adjusting thresholds is easy

As you can see, Noritake displays have an input touch value threshold that accommodates a wide range of various cases.

Below are also the threshold value packages provided by Noritake. Please refer to the “Touch Level Tool” for other ways to set the threshold values.


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