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Development Support Tools Update

Development Support Tools Update

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest Noritake display module development tool.

Update: 01-09-2019

GTOP (Ver. New

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GTOP is a support tool suite that provides an easy way to transfer images/files and perform visual GUI prototyping on our GT-CP (GU-TFT) displays.


Screen Designer
The screen designer can prototype one or multiple “screens” to be used in an application.


Memory Tool
The memory tool is used to save images/program-macro files to GT-CP modules.


GTOP Features

  • GTOP combines our GT Packer (Memory Tool) and GTO (Screen Designer) tools into a single support tool suite.
  • Memory Tool and Screen Designer works seamlessly by sharing the object properties like memory address and labels between each other.
  • Generates an Arduino sketch file (that can be used on Arduino Uno boards) based on the screen design.
  • Adjust touch sensitivity by changing the threshold level and store module settings to the GT-CP’s on-board memory.
  • Support for touch setting package data functions for future (factory level) touch sensitivity tuning.

Follow-up Documents

  • Getting Started with GT-CP: Connect to PC
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This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect a GT-CP module to a PC and describes how to use GT-Packer (or GTOP Memory Tool) to store and display images.
  • GT-CP Application Note
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This document describes GT-CP module details including FLETAS® touch screen principals, sensitivity adjustment case studies, command-set configurations, interface examples, font selection, programming examples and module evaluation information.